Eyelash Serum – Choosing the Best One

It seems that recently we have been flooded with dozens of eyelash serums. How to pick the one that would really work and which can stand up to our high expectations? When deciding on a particular eyelash serum we ought to be 100% sure that it is safe and effective. We do not want our sensitive skin area and our brittle lashes to be put at risk of itchiness or irritation or any other discomfort.

How do eyelash serums work?

Not all lash growth products work in the same way. The less effective ones are those that you are supposed to apply on the length of the lashes. They improve the lash condition and rebuild the lash structure. They are not effective when it comes to increasing the lash length. Lashes may seem a bit thicker but it would not make more baby lashes grow. Those eyelash serums have the mascara-like brush and they are to be applied with wiggling movements on the1 ends of the lashes. Those products are often recommended to work as a base under the mascara. The thin coat of the serum helps to protect lashes from damaging chemical mascara. Whether the eyelash serum holds the mascara better without flaking off depends on each product individually.

The most effective eyelash serums are those products that have to be applied directly on the lash line. The active agents and vitamins are absorbed by the thin layer of the skin and they penetrate deep into the lash follicles. They do not work on the lashes structure but on their roots, moisturizing them and providing proper hydration. Strong lash roots can produce healthy lashes that are likely to grow longer and thicker. What’s more, lash follicles start producing more than one lash and over a short period, we can observe that many baby emerge from one lash follicle. The first result can be observed after only 4 weeks of systematic use. Lesser lashes fall out when removing make-up and overall they are shiner and stronger. To see difference in length and thickness we should wait another 2-3 weeks. When using the eyelash serum that works on lash roots we are going to see a huge difference in their appearance for many months after the lash treatment discontinuation.

Before you go shopping
Think first what your expectations are towards the eyelash serum. Are you looking only for lash strengthening or you want some extra length? Think what else you can do to improve your lashes. Lashes are like hair. They are dry if your body is dehydrated. Drink at least a gallon of pure water for a week and check if there is any difference.

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