Natural ingredients in eyelash serums

The way each eyelash growth serum works depends entirely on its ingredients. To achieve lengthening, thickening and darkening effect the serum ought to be based on mainly natural components. Without doubt, they are much safer than chemical ingredients that are so widely used in the beauty industry. Here are a few of the commonly used components that are to be found in most of good lash enhancing serums.

Why are natural igredients so important?

Eyelash serums contain many ingredients that have been carefully selected in order to pack as many active agents as possible. Some components are plant or animal based, or they have been extracted from mineral. The potential ingredient is being filtrated, pressed, and dried. Then a series of tests are carried out to eliminate any impurities.

Natural ingredients are considered safe for the human body. They are not the cause of eye dryness or irritation. Very rarely they are the source of the the allergic reaction. The sensitivity to any ingredient is different for everybody. Most of mineral and plant based components soothe and moisturize eye skin area. This part of the face is particularly sensitive and it requires special, gentle care. The skin around eyes is very thin and anything that is applied on it immediately gets absorbed into the blood stream. Therefore, eyelash serums are carefully checked to minimalize any undesirable counter irritation.

During the serum application, regardless whether we put it on lashes themselves or on the lash line, the active agents moisturize lashes and provide them with deep hydration and nourishment. Additionally, the blood circulation rises and more oxygen and nutrients get to the lash follicles. The most effective eyelash serums focus on lash roots. The healthier the lash follicle, the stronger and longer lash is going to grow. Less popular, and not that effective eyelash serums are those who ought to be applied only on lashes just like the mascara.

No matter how nourishing the ingredients are, they have no chance to get to the lash roots. Active agents can only restore the lash structure and they should be treated more like the lash conditioners rather than eyelash serums.

L-Carnitine can be found in almost all eyelash serums or conditioners. It is a tiny amino acid, that can be found in nearly all cells of the body and it plays a crucial role in producing the energy. It makes hair shiny, soft, strong, and elastic. This small molecule slows down the apoptosis, which is the follicle cell death.

Aloe Vera is the second very important eyelash growth serum ingredient. It is reach in numerous enzymes, which eradicate dead skin cells that clog the lash follicle not allowing for the proper penetration of nutrients to roots. It also helps to retain moisture and water in lash structure.

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