Eyelash Conditioner. How to choose the appropriate serum for your eyelashes.

Hi! My name is Kate and I am doing my master Degree from Cosmetology. I often take part in many beauty events and I give women a professional advice. I have my own practice as a beauty artist and I doing the make-up is my bread and butter. My customers are interested in how they can grow their eyelashes long and thick in a natural, safe way.

I have decided to share my knowledge and to create the Eyelash Growth Serum Comparison Chart based on years of my experience. All products that are mentioned in the chart have been tested either by me or by my customers. Most of them are widely available, others need to be ordered or prescripted. I was always getting each eyelash serum directly from the producer to avoid any dupes and fake products.

What the prefect eyelash serum ought to be?
When we use particular eyelash serum, we have certain expectations about the result. Regardless of the product, we require it to be effective and to work fast so that our motivation sustains on the same level for the whole treatment. The ideal eyelash serum should make lashes longer and thicker. It is also important that baby lashes are nourished and hydrated so they can continue to grow strong. The first effects are expected within first weeks of systematic use. It is important that the eyelash serum is safe and gentle to the eye skin and it should never be the cause of any skin irritation or itchiness. The application ought to be simple and not problematic. Customers give price for the short application time, as they do not want to spend long minutes trying to put the eyelash serum on.

How does an Eyelash Serum Works?
Eyelash serums work in two ways. On one hand, active agents penetrate into the eyelash follicles, which results in the lash growing long and thick. On the other hand, they protect them from environmental pollution and provide them with proper hydration and nutrition. A very few eyelash serums will make your lashes shiner and more elastic. You need to be either very lucky to find one’ or you have to read this comparison review until the end. The result is conditioned by individual reaction to ingredients. The eyelash serum works during the active lash grow cycle; lashes shell life lasts only 100-150 days before they naturally shed. Healthy and strong eyelashes are extremely important and they play protective role catching all debris and impurities before they get into the eye.

How to Use the Eyelash Serum?
If you would like to get the most of the eyelash serum treatment, you have to be systematic. Remember always read the leaflet that comes with the product. Before application, make sure that your skin is perfectly clear and oil free. Use the good make-up cleanser that can carefully deeply clean your eye area. Most of the eyelash serums ought to be applied before bedtime so that the active agents in formula have the whole night to be absorbed into the lash follicles. Most of the products require using them only once a day but there are few that need to be put on twice daily for better results.

#1 Nanolash Eyelash Serum

The most popular eyelash serum on the market is Nanolash. It has been proved the most effective from all of the eyelash serums available in Europe at the moment. All […] Full review >>

#2 LASHCODE Eyelash serum

Lashcode is another superb eyelash serum that is worth recognition. It delivers the desired effects faster than I thought it would. Users like the high efficiency of this lash enhancing […] Full review >>

#3 RapidLash – Eyelash Serum

Since recently, one of the most recognized eyelash serum in the UK produced by the Promaxyl Company. It is available online and in the Boots drug store chain. After only […] Full review >>

#4 Mavala Double Eyelash Serum

Mavala Double Lash is to be applied like mascara. The cost of this eyelash serum ought to be no higher that £10. The eyelash serum only slightly increases the length […] Full review >>

#5 Eyelash Serum LiLash

Lilash Eyelash Growth Stimulator is one of the most expensive eyelash serums on the market. If you would like to volumize your lashes with the help of LiLash you will […] Full review >>

#6 Feg Eyelash Serum

Feg Enhancer is recommended if your lashes are damaged after wearing extensions. The eyelash serum makes lashes appear volumized after 2, 5 months of systematic use. The Feg eyelash serum […] Full review >>

#7 L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum

L’Oreal Lash Boosting Serum available in many drugstores has been loved by women of all age. This eyelash serum contains vitamin B5 that plays crucial part when it comes to […] Full review >>

#8 Idol Lash Eyelash Serum

The Idol Lash Serum has been introduced to clients a couple of years ago. The producer claims that the Idol Lash will increase your lash length by over 60% in […] Full review >>

#9 Xlash Eyelash Serum

On the bottom of the eyelash serum comparison review is the Xlash. It is the eyelash serum that stimulates lashes to grow healthier and it strengthens them. It makses lashes […] Full review >>

#10 Talika Lipocils - Eyelash Serum

The last but not least place – Talika Lipocis eyelash serum. It is a French product that has been produced there and approved by the National Health Institute. The eyelash […] Full review >>

#11 M2 Lashes Eyelash Serum

M2 Lashes eyelash serum is destined for women who would like to have longer and prettier eyelashes. Every evening, it should be applied on cleansed and dry eyelid skin. Worth […] Full review >>

#12 Neulash eyelash Serum

Neulash eyelash serum is available in 3,2-mililiter and 6-mililiter bottles. These little containers are packed into white and blue cardboard boxes. Both versions of the cosmetic, regardless of the capacity, […] Full review >>

#13 Latisse Eyelash Serum

The truth is, Latisse is fairly popular mainly in the USA. Basically, this product is used mostly in order to extend and improve density of eyelashes. Unfortunately, Latisse is not […] Full review >>

#14 Quickmax Eyelash Serum

 Quickmax eyelash serum is closed in a golden cardboard box. The box holds a bottle of the same colour that contains 5 millilitres of the cosmetic. The product is recommended […] Full review >>

#15 Hairplus Eyelash Serum

All pretty-look lovers know Hairplus eyelash serum. It is designed to take care of short, thin and weakened eyelashes. Small brush makes application easy and fast. Although the complete course […] Full review >>

#16 Realash eyelash serum

Realash eyelash serum is recommended for women having short, weak and thin eyelashes. The product is not recommended for pregnant women, and the ones who are during lactation. Basically, teenager […] Full review >>

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