Eyelash Serum- What is it?

2There are many women who complain about the condition of their lashes. They are not happy with the way they look. They are either too short or too sparse. We are flooded with ads promoting girls with unnaturally long lashes. The false lashes look has become dominant is fashion and beauty industry and nothing suggests that it is going to change soon. If you would like to take a natural approach to enhance your lashes, eyelash serum may be the best solution.

Eyelash Serum exposed

Eyelash Serum is the specially designed formula that enhances the growth of our lashes. It ought to be designed and produced in laboratories and tested by independent institutes. The ingredients that are to stimulate the lash follicles should be natural, plant based and safe for the sensitive skin area. Each eyelash serum is extensively tested by manufacturers before it can be released for sale.

Researchers have proved that only four women out of a three hundred did not experienced the positive results. The most effective eyelash serums are the one, which are based on natural ingredients rich in vitamins H and E. They do not only increase the lash growth but are also soothing to the skin area. The most common eyelash serum ingredients are among others: essential oils, papaya extract, and peptides.

To be the owner of amazingly beautiful lashes, it is not enough to purchase the eyelash serum but one has to be persistent in applying the product every day according to instructions given by the producer. When the serum is used systematically, we can observe that our lashes have been stimulated and that they are longer and thicker.

How to Use the Eyelash Growth Serum Correctly?
Regardless which eyelash serum you choose, you should always stick to some simple and universal rules concerning eyelash serum application.
Firstly, make sure that your skin is clear. With gentle movements, clean the area around your eyes. For this purpose, use special soaps or foams that will help remove all impurities and oils form that have gathered there. It is important that you remove the contact lenses before you apply the serum. Remove your contact lenses before applying the serum.

Most of the effective eyelash serum have the tiny pointy brush that can precisely distribute the product. When your skin is clean and dry, apply a thin line of a lash growth serum on the lash line so that the product can penetrate through skin to the hair follicles. This way of application is easy and it is similar to using the colored eyeliner. For best results, you can try to apply the serum every time from different angles. For instance, one day start applying the product from the inner corner of the eye moving the brush towards the outer corner and the next day do the opposite. Try not to get the product into your eyes. In case it happens, rinse your eyes with plenty of lukewarm water. It is recommended to let the serum dry and get absorbed before going ahead with the rest of the makeup. Most of the lash growth enhancers are completely absorbed into the skin within 10 minutes.

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